Friday, August 03, 2012

How to Decorate Your Wedding Favor Boxes

Small boxes are a common way to package wedding favors, but just because they are easily available doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Here are some creative ways to decorate your wedding favor boxes.

Monogram Labels – Martha Stewart provides downloadable monogram templates to create classy letters to place on your boxes. Either print the letters on regular paper and use a 3” circle punch and adhere to the box, or print on a 3” adhesive label. Adding a ribbon under the monogrammed letter adds a bit of color.
Fancy Trim – Bows made of ribbon is the classic way to decorate a favor box, but Smitten on Paper adds an extra layer. The layer looks fancy, however all you need to make it is paper and decorative cut scissors. Contrasting the colors of the ribbon and paper create a lovely look.

DoilyHalf a doily atop a brown kraft box is a fantastic look for a rustic wedding. Cut a small doily in half and tie it to the top of the box using twine or ribbon.  This favor box adds an instant sense of whimsy to your reception.

Feel like trying any of these wedding favor box decoration projects? Weddings are Fun carries a wide array of favor boxes ready for your DIY project.


Meca Speedman said...

I also love incorporating DIY ideas on my wedding supplies. I want to try Doily since I'll be having a rustic-themed wedding next year.:)

gracious bridal said...

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