Tuesday, August 07, 2012

DIY Lighting Projects for a Glowing Wedding

When you think of a favorite evening, you probably think about soft music and a delicious meal enjoyed by candlelight. Nothing creates a sense of romance like the warm glow of mood lighting. These lighting projects can set the tone for your wedding.

Tulle Lights - Add soft lighting to your wedding with tulletied around strands of light. You can use a color of tulle that matches your wedding, or go for a romantic look by using white tulle.  Run the string of lights along the head table at the reception or use as an accent on the cake table.

Pom Pom Lights – Beautiful lights that recycle plastic bags? What a great idea! These pom pom lights look lovely hanging from a tree for an outdoor dusk wedding.
Bare light bulbs – When done correctly, bare light bulbs can go from utilitarian to glowing. Trendee Flowers shows inspirational ideas such as hanging light bulbs from branches to warm up a rustic wedding.
Lighting immediately sets the mood for your wedding. Try one of these romantic lighting ideas.

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