Thursday, August 23, 2012

Football Themed Wedding

Football season is just around the corner! Are you and your fiancé avid football fans? Then the first step is to be sure you don’t schedule your wedding on a day your favorite team plays. Then, consider some of these creative ways to incorporate the fall sport into your wedding.

Save the Date Jerseys – What a unique idea for a save the date announcement! Many sports stores allow you to personalize jerseys; this couple uses the last name spots to spell out “Save” and “The Date” and the player numbers to indicate the month and day of the pending nuptials.
Centerpieces – These floral arrangements give a nod to the sport while still looking classy. The flowers are a type of mum called a football mum – how appropriate! The look of the white flowers with a more subtle decoration on the vase keeps the football theme going without being over the top. Social Couture describes how to make the vases.
Football Garter Toss – A fun alternative to the traditional garter toss is to put the garter on a football and have the groom pass the ball to the bachelors. Most men will try to avoid catching the garter, but add the football and most guys won’t pass up the chance to show off their sports prowess.
This mocha garter would look fantastic around your leg and on a football.
Integrating an interest you and your fiancé share, such as football, into your wedding is a way to make the day even more special.  What sports team would you center your wedding around?


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Sarah Ramsay said...

This goes out to all the football fanatic fiances out there. I'm sure they will recommend a football-themed wedding to their soon-to-be brides. The guests who are also crazy about this game would efinitely love to see football stuff in the couple's wedding supplies.:)