Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Autumn Harvest Themed Wedding

Autumn is known as the season of abundance. Farmers are harvesting their crops, making pumpkins and apples a frequent sight. Leaves are changing color and the world seems vibrant. Because pumpkins and apples are plentiful, they are a relatively inexpensive, making them great to use for fall wedding decorations. Here are some ways to incorporate autumn’s beauty into your wedding d├ęcor.

Apple Bouquet – This bouquet make from apples is stunning! An arrangement such as this one shown by A Perfect Celebration showcases the colorful fruit without making it look like a Thanksgiving cornucopia.

Flower Girl Toss Leaves – As you make your entrance, why not have the flower girl toss colorful leaves rather than petals? If you live in an area where trees change color and drop their leaves, you will be able to readily get leaves – free. You could even have a special afternoon in the park with the flower girl collecting leaves together before the day of the event.
Unity Candle – If you decide to use the autumn leaves in your ceremony, this lovely Autumn Unity Candle Set will match perfectly.
Pumpkin CenterpiecesPumpkins make a fantastic base for anautumn wedding centerpiece because they are fairly large, weighty, and can be easily carved and cut to suit your style. Some ideas include hollowing out the center of the pumpkin and using it as the base for a floral centerpiece, or creating an area at the top to nestle a pillar candle in the top.
Autumn is a time full of readily available produce. Why not incorporate to beauty of the season into your wedding ceremony and reception?

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