Monday, August 27, 2012

Barn Wedding Inspirations

Barn weddings are all the rage! But not all barn weddings are created equally; you can create an atmosphere to suit your style. Here are some ideas for how to style your barn wedding.

The Rustic Style – Probably the most popular style wedding right now is the rustic look, and a barn is a fabulous place to host a rustic event. Mason jar centerpieces and candle holders are a common example of the rustic look. My Yellow Umbrella created a cupcake stand from downed trees that suits this style.
The Country Style – Another popular style associated with barns is the clean country look. Think hay bales, wild flower bouquets and wheat sheath centerpieces to create this theme. This wedding shown on Emmaline Bride is a lovely example of the country style done well.
The Elegant Style – Just because you are in a barn doesn’t mean you can’t have an elegant wedding. As shown on Intimate Weddings, lighting can create a more upscale look. Chandeliers add a more upscale feel to the d├ęcor, as Intimate Weddings illustrates. Adding Celebration Peonies tissuepaper flowers will add a sense of pomp as well. Using more formal linens and place settings will instantly add a more elegant feel to the event.
Barns can be decorated a variety of ways to go with your wedding style. Which style do you like the best?

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