Friday, August 10, 2012

Thoughtful Touches for Your Outdoor Wedding Guests

Outdoor weddings are lovely – green grass and blue skies make a fantastic backdrop for decorations and photographs. But unfortunately, weather and other elements can make an outdoor wedding a challenge for guests. Here are some ways to ensure the comfort of your guests during your outdoor ceremony or reception.

Bug Repellant - You may have more guests than you invited at a farm or forest wedding; creepy crawlies and mosquitos may crash your party. Providing a basket full of bug repellant wipes for your guests is a thoughtful touch.
Spritz Bottles – Beach weddings and outdoor weddings held during the height of the summer can be hot. A refreshing spritz of water can cool down guests and serve as a favor. Creating your own spritz bottles can be a DIY wedding project.

Blankets – If you opted for an outdoor spring or fall wedding, weather can change from warm to cold as soon as the sun goes down. I Love Farm Weddings shows a thoughtful idea – setting out blankets for guests to wrap around their shoulders to take the chill off.
Flip flops – Outdoor weddings can cause a shoe dilemma. High heeled shoes sink into grass and are virtually impossible to walk in on the sand. Why not provide flip flops for guests?
If you are worried some guests will feel awkward wearing flip flops at a formal event, set the tone by wearing your own bridal flipflops.
Thoughtful touches will make your guests comfortable at your outdoor wedding. Now, let’s hope it doesn’t rain!

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