Friday, August 17, 2012

Creative Wedding Photo Ideas – Get Your Guests Involved

Sure, you’ll have those formal and professional photos from your hired wedding photographer. But these days, most people have a camera on their phones, so why not take advantage and recruit your guests to snap some candid shots? Here are some pointers on how to get some great extra wedding photos.

Get the Guests Involved – There are a handful of guests who would probably just take photos anyway, but in order to get the other guests involved you need to make it fun. A wedding photo scavenger hunt is a great way to get them excited to take photos. Appilywed lists some ideas for items to put on the photo scavenger hunt list.
Instagram Hashtag – If you know you have wedding guests already using the photo sharing service Instagram, assign a hashtag to the wedding so you and other guests can search to locate photos.
App for Digital Photos – Perhaps even easier than trying to collect photos using a hashtag is using a custom app guests can download. Apps like Wedding Snap allow you to collect all your guests’ wedding photos in one place.
Photo Frame Favor – Placing the scavenger hunt, hashtag or app information in a photo frame favor is the perfect way to let the guests know how to play along while sticking with the photography theme.
With abundant camera phones these days, it isn’t always necessary to place disposable cameras on the table. Try using apps to collect candid wedding photos from your guests.

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kennady said...

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