Monday, July 30, 2012

DIY Upscale Wedding Table Decorations

Nothing says a fancy wedding like shine, glitter or lace! But an elegant table setting doesn’t have to be expensive. These easy DIY candle holder ideas will add class and sophistication to your wedding.

Mercury Glass Look – These candle holders have a well-worn antique look, but rather than spending time scouring flea marketing, you can make your own aged mirrorcandle holders. For impact, group holders of varying height together in the center of the table.

Doily candleholder – Doilies often bring to mind images of Grandma’s outdated house, but a simple doily made into a votive holder instantly adds the illusion of timelessness. Wouldn’t the shadows cast by these candleholders add a sense of romance to an evening reception?  

Glitter Glam – Gold and glitter are a classic combination. For this DIY project, some thrift store vases, spray paint and glitter are combined to make sparkly candleholders. 

If you like the gold glitter candle holders, Wedding Are Fun’s beaded gold placeholder photo frames will perfectly compliment the look.                                                                    

Being willing to DIY some of your wedding projects will allow you to have fancy reception without upscale expense.

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