Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bohemian Bride Style Guide

If you are looking for a bridal style that contains elements of whimsy yet isn’t too casual, the Bohemian style may be for you. The Bohemian style is known for having artistic flair and not always adhering to convention.  Here are some creative ways to add a touch of Boho style to your wedding.

Hair – A Bohemian bride’s hair shouldn’t look overly done – a natural look suits this style.   Elisa McLauglin Designs shows an easy DIY headband to be used for an unstructured updo.

AccessoriesArm Lace adds a bit of mystery and romance to the bridal look. Because it is not a common piece of jewelry, you are showing your individuality by wearing this accessory.

ShoesAdding a ruffle of chiffon to boring shoes provides the artistic flair Bohemian style is known for. Best of all, Green Wedding Shoes shows you how to do this project yourself.

Dress – With decorative accessories and eye catching shoes, it is best to keep the dress relatively simple.   Bohemian Kate shows a lovely dress free of lace and beads, allowing the shape of the dress to take center stage.  
The Bohemian look is a good choice for the bride with individual style. Best off all, the fact that the Bohemian look is about being unique, there really isn’t a way to be wrong with your look.

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