Thursday, July 05, 2012

What to Do With Your Bouquet after the Wedding

Most brides have a small bouquet made for the traditional bouquet toss, meaning they now get to keep the flowers as a memento. Drying the bouquet as-is sure is an easy option, but the following ideas are creative ways to save your bouquet happily ever after.

Dried Petal Ornament – The blog Come On, Ilene shows you howto fill a glass ornament with flower petals. Empty glass ornaments are readily available at most craft stores. This keepsake is pretty enough to display all year, not just as a holiday ornament.
Framed Dried Flowers – Create a work of art using dried flowers from your bouquet. Martha Stewart shows you how to place dried petalsin a frame so you can display the flowers in your home.
Potpourri – Add some function to your dried bouquet by creating potpourri from the dried petals. Aisle Dash describes how to make the potpourri. Once you’ve made it, this special occasion vase is a great way to display the scented memento.
Keeping your bouquet can be a special way to commemorate your special day. Why not create something meaningful from the flowers to display in your home?

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