Monday, July 01, 2013

Unity Ceremony Ideas for Your Wedding

Your wedding is all about joining two lives into one, legally and spiritually. Unity ceremonies are a great way to symbolize your marriage. 

Here are four unity celebrations:

Unity Candles – Unity candle ceremonies are a great selection for the traditional bride. Both the bride and groom have their own lit candles to light a third larger candle, which represents their new life together. Many unity candles, like this Black and White Swarovski Crystal set, can be personalized with the names of the bride and groom.

Plant a Tree together – For a rustic or country outdoor wedding, a ceremony planting a tree together is a unique alternative. The bride and groom can either add dirt, or for a cleaner option both water the already planted tree. 

The couple can keep the tree as a memento of the big day, and when the tree outgrows the pot it can be planted in their yard.

Sand CeremonySand ceremonies are perfect for beach or outdoor weddings where wind may be an issue.  For a beach wedding, you could use sand from the ceremony site. Or, for a more decorative look you can purchase sand to match your wedding theme – there are so many colors available!

Paint Ceremony – Here’s a fun idea – the bride and groom paint a picture together. The bride and groom get their own paint colors and then use them the make a new piece of art. 

You can find many examples of the newer trend online, but this wedding on Grey Likes Weddings is a favorite, because the couple smartly put the paint in squirt bottles rather than using paint brushes. Just the thought of paint near a wedding dress is nerve wracking! 

Unity ceremonies are not only symbolic, they allow the couple to have a wedding keepsake to display in their homes for years to come. With the variety of ceremonies, you will be able to find one that suits your wedding.

Will you have a wedding unity ceremony?


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