Monday, July 22, 2013

Your Wedding Rocks – Literally!

Rocks fit in to so many wedding locations- from a rugged beach location, in the garden, beside a refreshing stream, or inside huge river rock fireplace. 

There are lots of ways rocks or stones can be integrated into your wedding. The best news - they are readily available and generally not expensive. If you live near a beach or river, you may even be able to collect some local rocks to use.

Guest Book – Have guests sign rocks with a permanent marker or a paint pen and you instantly have a great keepsake to display in your home. Be sure to provide rocks that are large enough so guests can add a sentiment along with their signatures.

Table Numbers/Escort Cards – This idea is just the opposite of having guests add their names to rocks – in this case you add their name to use the rocks as escort or seating cards. You can display them nestled in moss or simply scattered on an entrance table.

If you are having an outdoor reception and you have napkins or menus at each seat, the seating rocks can also serve as a weight to keep things from flying away in the breeze.

Centerpieces – Rocks make a terrific filler for clear cylinder vases. If you don’t want to have flowers, consider rocks in the vase with a simple floating candle on top. Simply elegant.

Favors – While not actually rocks, this candy sure looks like it. Doesn’t it look fun in the small pails? 
You could even add the guests’ names and table numbers on the handle and it would double as a favor and escort card.

Because they are smoothed by wear, rocks have a great sense of timelessness about them, just like your love. Rocks make a great addition to your wedding decorations.

Which idea is your favorite?


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