Monday, July 15, 2013

How to Have a Lobster Bake Wedding

When you think about a beach wedding, images of tropical flowers and palm trees in the south probably come to mind. But in the summer months, northern beaches can be just as beautiful and hospitable for your wedding.

Maine is known for its casual gatherings on the beach for lobster bakes. This option would be perfect for the wedding couple who wants to have the reception, in addition to the ceremony, on the beach.

Here are some lobster bake inspired ideas for your wedding.

Anchor Burlap Bag – Place your wedding favors in these cute nautical themed burlap bags. The anchor fits in perfectly with the nautical theme.  

Serving Oysters/Beverages in Canoes –This caterer cleverly presents oysters and beverages in wooden canoes or kayaks filled with ice. What a fun and practical presentation for a beachside wedding.

Menu – A traditional lobster bake is comprised of large pots of boiling water filled with lobster, potatoes, corn on the cob, and seasoning. Also, since the lobster meat is typically dipped into melted butter and then lemons are squeezed over it, having plastic bibs on hand for guests is recommended. 

If you are concerned about the mess of a lobster bake, consider having a lobster bake for your reception dinner when you can dress more casually.
Red and White Color Scheme – Usually you will find picnic tables draped with red and white checked tablecloths at lobster bakes. The red and white colors would make for a terrific color scheme for your beach wedding. Nautical blue is the perfect accent color. 

For those who have an evening beach wedding, a lobster bake nestled between a seaside ceremony and a nighttime bonfire would be ideal.

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