Monday, July 29, 2013

Wedding Door Décor

Vintage doors instantly add a touch of romance and timelessness to an event. Including old doors in your wedding can be both pretty and useful at the same time.

Here are four ways to use doors in your ceremony and reception.

Entrance – If you are having an outdoor wedding, yet always dreamed of making a grand entrance, here’s a great solution. By setting up doors outside you define the ceremony area and allow for a place to stand without being seen by your fiancé before walking down the aisle.

Drink Station – An old door atop some whiskey barrels make an impromptu set up for a drink station. This is a great solution for an outdoor reception where you may not have access to a bar or large tables. Not to mention the rustic look adds great character to your event.
Card/Gift Table – Give more presence to an outdoor card or gift table by placing a vintage door behind it. The door also serves as a handy place to hang a banner.

Menu  - Let your guests know what they’ll be eating by presenting the menu on an old door. In this option, the top of the door is painted with chalkboard paint. Another option would be to find a door with a window or glass area that allows you to write directly on the glass.
Doors are a fun way to add some vintage flair to your outdoor wedding event. Use them to define space or to serve as temporary furnishings.

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