Friday, July 12, 2013

Adding Color to Your Wedding Look

When you think about your wedding look, typically you think about a white dress. But there’s no reason you can’t inject a bit of color into your wedding ensemble. Color can showcase your personality and style.

Here are 4 ways to add some color into your wedding day appearance.

SashSashes are great accent pieces for wedding dresses, as they help define your waist, creating an hourglass shape. A sash can be a simple solid color wide silk ribbon tied in a bow or can have embellishments such as flowers or crystals. 

You can find sashes at most wedding gown retailers.

Shoes – If you aren’t quite sure about adding color, shoes are a terrific idea for ladies with long gowns; they will peek out when you are walking. And if you opt for a short wedding dress, colored shoes will make a fun statement.
After the ceremony, get comfortable in some bridal flip flops, which can be custom made – you’ll likely find a color that is a close match to your heels.

Necklace – A necklace in a bold color really adds to this bride’s look. She gets it right with a large, chunky necklace in red. The scale of the necklace leaves no doubt about the bride’s intention of adding color.

Hair Flower- A flower tucked behind your ear would look terrific for a beach wedding. Or try smaller blooms woven into a loose braid.

Color is a terrific way to add uniqueness to your wedding look. 

Which of these four ideas would you try?

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