Monday, June 24, 2013

Have a Hot Air Balloon Wedding

Up, up, and away! Love can make it feel like you are flying sky high, so celebrate your nuptials with a hot air balloon themed wedding. 

Here are some ways to add hot air balloons into your wedding.

Centerpiece – This hot air balloon centerpiece is fantastic! For a dreamy look, use soft pastels, like this soft pink example from Bridal Guide. For a playful look, try bright colors or even patterned balloons.

Escort Cards – Using heavy paper and corks, this couple made fun hot air balloon shaped escort cards

Hand painted favors – If you are artistic, paint small hot air balloon art pieces as wedding favors. You could even paint attendees’ names on the favors so they double as gifts and place cards.

Grand Exit – For a hot air balloon themed wedding, leaving in one is the ultimate grand exit! How romantic for the bride and groom to soar away, waving to the guests below.  And what an adventurous first activity as a married couple!
A hot air balloon themed wedding will send your spirits soaring!


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