Thursday, June 13, 2013

Watermelon Treats for Your Wedding

When the summer temperature starts to creep up, everyone is in need of some refreshment and fun. Whether you are having a country casual wedding or an upscale event, there are terrific ways you can incorporate the ultimate summer fruit.

Why not try one of these?

Watermelon Spritzers – These watermelon spritzers are sure to quench the thirst of your guests. You can make the drink ahead of time and serve it from pitchers. 

This drink sure would look right at home in Mason jar glasses at a barn or country wedding.

SlicesWedding Chicks shows watermelon slices elevated from boring to special with the addition of whimsical toppers. 

Another option is to insert a popsicle stick into the watermelon slice’s rind for easier eating.

Cake – Looking for an alternative to the traditional wedding cake? This watermelon cake is beautiful and doesn’t require any baking.

The watermelon is cut to resemble a cake and then frosted. This dessert would be fantastic for a smaller wedding or as an option for guests with food allergies.
Carved – Fancy carvings don’t have to be limited to pumpkins or ice sculptures – carve a watermelon! You could carve an image, a welcome message, the couple’s initials or even table numbers into watermelons. 

Watermelon, with its bright colors and refreshing taste, is a terrific addition to your summer wedding menu. Just be sure to have lots of napkins on hand for guests, since great tasting watermelons are juicy.


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The Function Room Weddings said...

Love watermelon, this treat will go perfect for summer weddings no? Can't wait t give this a try at my wedding reception thanks!