Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Add Touches of Silver to Your Wedding

If you want to have a stylish, elegant, and modern wedding you should consider adding touches of silver to some of the decor. Silver is an easy color to add, as it goes along with almost anything. Add it to any of your decorations or designs and give everything a classic look.

Here are four ways to add touches of silver to your wedding.

Silver Favor Boxes - Why not make your favor boxes silver to add that elegant look? A small silver box with a silver ribbon is a great favor to give. Guests won't be able to wait to open the pretty box and see what surprise is waiting inside.

Silver Bow on the Bouquet - No matter what colors the flowers are in your bouquet, tying a silver bow around it will only add to the look. Martha Stewart shows how a white and blue bouquet can be given a vintage look with a metallic silver bow.

Silver Wedding Guest BookMy Girlish Whims shows a fun DIY guest book option, made using silver paper hearts. Each guest signs a heart, and the bride and groom end up with a fun keepsake to display in their home to remember their happy day.

Silver Candlesticks - For a touch of silver, make your own plaster candlesticks. These sponge candlesticks would look terrific for a beach themed wedding. Either spray paint the entire DIY candlestick silver, or dip the bottom in silver paint for a modern color block look. Whichever option you choose, you’ll have a nice touch of silver that gives the item a stylish look.

Silver is a classic color that goes with almost everything. By choosing one or all of these items and adding that touch of silver, you have a unique style that gives your wedding an added elegance.

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The Function Room Weddings said...

That's my color theme silver and pastel blue :) Excited over what the wedding reception would look like after!