Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hay! It’s Your Wedding Day

With farm and rustic weddings picking up popularity, you’ve probably seen hay bales used as seating for the ceremony or reception. It looks terrific, but we’re guessing it isn’t too comfortable to sit on. 

Luckily, there are plenty of other ways to add this country staple to your big day. 

Decoration – The rough bale plus the delicate flowers come together to make a monogram decoration for the setting. 

Tables – What a great idea to use hay bales as the base for temporary tables. Shown here as the base for sit down dining, they could also be stacked higher and used for bar or display tables.

Photo Booth Back Drop – The golden, natural color of hay makes a wonderful backdrop for a photo booth. Be sure to add some fun props, like the pitchfork and frame shown here, and perhaps some fun cowboy hats.
Cake – It’s not a real hay bale, but this cake would fit right in with the rustic look. Certainly it would taste better than eating actual hay. 

Try this ‘Look of Love’ porcelain cake topper to show off the unique shape of the cake, with the bride dandling her legs over the edge of the top hay bale.

Nothing exemplifies a rustic country wedding like hay bales. If you are getting married on a farm, check with them to find out if they already have some on hand, and you might not even have to purchase them.


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