Friday, April 12, 2013

Secrets to a Flawless Outdoor Wedding

When you decided to have an outdoor wedding, rain was probably the big issue on your mind. While you definitely should have a plan B for a rain out, there are some environmental factors that won’t ruin your event, yet will still have an impact.

Here are some great ideas for how to deal with the elements so you can have a flawless wedding day.

Veil Weights – If you plan to wear a veil outside, wind can wreak havoc on your look. Veil weights will help keep your veil framing your face, not acting as a kite. There are commercial options, but this pinner explains how to easily make your own.

Standing on Stones – Your bridesmaids look great in those high heeled shoes, but can they stand in them without sinking into the grass? This couple on Delightfully Engaged placed paver stones in the grass so the ladies can pay attention to the ceremony, rather than endlessly shifting their weight to avoid having a heel get caught. 

Sand VasesSand Vases are a great alternative to Unity Candles, which may blow out in the wind. Sand vases work particularly well for beach weddings. This 4 piece sand ceremony set can be personalized, and also be kept to display in your home as a memento after the wedding.

Make Up Setting Spray – Whether caused by high temperatures, nerves, or both, sweating can ruin your wedding make up. Try using a make up setting spray to keep your foundation from sliding down off your face. My Fashion Chronicles provides a DIY recipe. For peace of mind, you will want to test this out before your wedding day. 

Don’t let all the variables associated with an outdoor event prevent you from having the wedding of your dreams. By using these secrets, guests will pay attention to you and not be distracted by the effects of the environment on your wedding.


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