Monday, April 29, 2013

A Wedding as Sweet as Cotton Candy

Love can be as sweet as candy, so why not have cotton candy at your wedding? Cotton candy can fit in to your whimsical carnival themed wedding or make an appearance at your elegant soirĂ©e, depending upon how you present it. 

Here are four ideas for making your wedding super sweet using cotton candy. 

Cotton Candy Favors – For a casual event, put cotton candy in cellophane bags and pin to a clothes line, as shown by Susty Party. For an outdoor wedding the clothesline can be hung from tow trees; for an indoor event you could use two step ladders or the front of a table to hang the clothesline.

Cotton Candy Machine – Blue Daisy shows a more formal wedding where cotton candy is handspun and presented by an attendant. Watching the candy being made is entertaining, and guests can be sure their treat is fresh.
Champagne Toast Garnish – If your wedding is already incredibly sweet, you may just need a touch of cotton candy. Try adding a bit of the fluff to the top of champagne glasses as a garnish for the wedding toast. Or for adding color to the toast, you can add the cotton candy to the bottom of the flutes and pour sparkling wine over it. 

For a different type of favor presentation, you can place personalized engraved toasting glasses with a bit of cotton candy at each seat.
Bouquet – The daring bride can use cotton candy instead of a bouquet. (Probably not the best idea for a humid outdoor wedding.)  

The pastel colors and sweetness of cotton candy make it a perfect addition to a wedding.

How would you use this tasty treat in your event?

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