Monday, April 08, 2013

Creative Ways to Use Glow Sticks in Your Wedding

When you think about glow sticks, your junior high summer time nights or a wild rave dance are probably two of the first things to pop into your mind. But there are updated and creative ways to use light sticks to add extra mood to your big day.

Here are ideas how to use glow sticks in your wedding without it looking like a rave party.

Hanging Décor – For an outdoor wedding, these hanging decorations would make a unique backdrop for an evening spent among trees. The modern décor is made by placing a glow stick inside a water balloon and then hanging the balloon inside a stocking.

This type of decoration works when you want ambient light to your event without miles of extension cords on the ground.

Lanterns – Michael’s craft store shows a variation on the mason jar lanterns by using glow sticks instead of votive candles. With the glow sticks, you won’t need to worry about the candles burning out during the evening. 

Centerpieces – The Bicoastal Bride used glow necklaces at the bottom of her centerpieces to add a colorful glow. The blue necklace color radiates through the clear water beads, making the entire bowl look illuminated. For extra light, she added a mirror under to centerpiece. Smart!
Send Off – Glow sticks will add color and light to your send off photos. Using the light sticks is a great alternative to the sparkler fad, since you don’t need to worry about having lighters on hand or people accidentally getting burned.

One benefit of glow sticks is they can typically be found at your local dollar store. 

But there is a downside in that they need to be snapped to be activated, meaning you will have to task someone with tending to them right before the wedding or reception. You will want to experiment with the glow sticks to discover how long they last before the event, so you know how long before the wedding they can be set up.

These grown up light stick projects are a special way to create ambiance during your wedding or reception. 

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