Thursday, April 04, 2013

Get Bridal Shower Theme Inspiration

If you are in a wedding party or a relative of the bride, you may get tasked with hosting a bridal shower. It may feel like an overwhelming task, but if you pick a theme for the shower, all the other pieces will start to fall in place.

Here are some ideas for unique wedding showers.

Wedding Color – If you know the colors the bride will be using for the wedding, try planning the shower around that color. Use it for invitations, decorations, flowers, and even food items such as decorated cakes or cookies.

Don’t know the color of the wedding? Blue for a “something blue” shower theme is a classic idea, as shown by Thoughtfully Simple.

Fairy Tale or Favorite Book/Movie – Does the bride have a favorite fairy tale, book or movie? What a great jumping off point for the bridal shower theme. 

Every bride can relate to wanting to feel like Cinderella and Mom Mart shows you how to create a Cinderella themed shower with some great DIY projects. A wedding shoe candle or coach candle can work as either a centerpiece accent or a favor for shower guests.

Activity – If a luncheon or tea and presents seems just too ordinary, why not incorporate an activity into the shower? For example, for a kitchen shower, invite a chef to teach some great recipes. Or perhaps have a cake decorating class.
Season – The time of year of the shower can be a great source of inspiration for your theme. Wedding Paper Divas shows a fantastic colorful summertime party. For spring, try pastel colors and a lot of florals. Autumn brings to mind pumpkins or apples, or rich colors. For winter, theme ideas range from cozy plaids to stark silver and white.

Planning a bridal shower doesn’t have to be daunting. By selecting a theme, you will quickly narrow your choices for decoration and food, making planning much easier.

Do you have any other ideas for shower themes?


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