Monday, March 04, 2013

How to Be a 1920s Style Bride

Do you set your schedule around Downton Abbey? Are you excited to see the upcoming movie version of The Great Gatsby? Then a Roaring Twenties inspired wedding may just be for you. 

While we see the style as “retro” today, the fashion during the 1920s was viewed as modern and liberating. What makes it great for weddings today is the look infuses elements of elegance and fun together.

Here are 4 great ways to incorporate this style into your wedding look.

Jeweled Birdcage Veil – The glamorous birdcage veil shown by Green Wedding Shoes epitomizes the look of the period. With jewels and a feather, there is an aspect of formality, yet the short veil adds a bit of spunk. 

Other 1920s options are jeweled headbands, or even a cloche hat.

Mary Jane Shoes - Mary Jane shoes were the footwear trend during the era. The good news is, mary jane style shoes typically have a bit of a thicker heel, so walking won’t be scary, but they still offer some height. To keep your feet from looking stodgy, look for shoes that don’t have large buckles on them. You can take some liberties here and wear shoes with a bit of sparkle, like these mary janes with Swarovski crystal heels.

V-Neck Style Dress – Look through images of 1920s dresses and you will start to see some themes, v-neck being one of them. As a time of liberation, women were starting to show a bit more skin. The dresses tend to be sleeker in cut and in soft, flowing fabrics. 

If you are feeling really daring, draped low back dresses are often associated with this period.
Make-Up – The 1920s look is one with dark lined eyes and red lipstick. To keep your look a bit more elegant and less garish, opt to pick one of these features to play up. This bride on Wedding Chicks found the perfect balance.

If you are a big fan of the resurgence of the 1920s style, embrace it fully for your wedding. The elegant yet cool style makes for a great wedding.


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