Thursday, February 28, 2013

Beach Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

A beach wedding has the advantage of already having nature’s décor – water, sand, sun, shells, sea grass or palm trees, and more. When planning your seaside reception, take nature’s lead and work elements of the beach into your centerpieces.

Here are four great beach inspired looks for your centerpieces.

Sand and Starfish – This centerpiece created within a trifle bowl is simple yet still stunning. Sand is layered in the bottom, a candle is placed in the center, and lovely shells and starfish are nestled around the candle.

The white candle looks elegant among the neutral palette, but you could certainly use a light blue candle to mimic the water, or a brighter colored candle for some contrast. 

Sea shell place cards would add the finishing touch to this tablescape.

Pebbles and Floating Candles – If your beach wedding is on a lake or rockier beach, using river stones is a great centerpiece option. In this example, river stones are placed in a glass cylinder. The cylinder is filled with water and topped with a floating candle. This centerpiece is another great minimal look that doesn’t skimp on impact.

Many craft stores carry the river stones in the floral area.

Flowers – Like the beach look, but still want to have flowers in your centerpieces? Try wrapping the vase with a natural ribbon and affix a starfish or large shell to tie the beach theme in with the flowers.
In this case, tall snapdragon stalks are anchored with some stones at the bottom of the vase.
Driftwood and Succulents – If you really like the succulent trend, group them along large pieces of driftwood. Driftwood tends to have holes and “elbows” where you can add a bit of moss and the succulents. 

Tying the beach theme into your wedding reception centerpieces can be as breezy as the shore itself. Look for inspiration among shells and other ocean elements and you won’t go wrong.
Which is your favorite beach themed centerpiece?


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