Monday, February 11, 2013

How to Get the Casual Beach Look for Your Wedding

Even though your beach wedding style is casual, there is still a lot of detail that goes in to getting your bridal look assembled. In fact, preparing for dealing with sun, wind and sand may make planning your wedding ensemble even more challenging.

Here are some tips for how to pull together the casual beach look for your wedding.


Beach Wedding Gowns – Dessy recommends simple silhouettes and soft, flowy fabrics for your beach wedding dress. You don’t want to drag a long train through sand, so opt for a dress without one.
Depending on how casual your beach wedding is, you could even opt for a short or tea length dress.

Embrace the “Messy Hair” Look –Even if it is just a gentle breeze, there is usually a bit of wind on the beach, so plan your hairstyle accordingly. 

An easy way to deal with potential wind is to embrace the “messy” hair look. Think loose curls and waves for your hair. In addition, it may be best to wear decorative hair jewelry rather than a veil.

As Huffington Post shows, you can still have an up-do, but stay away from tightly styled hairdos. 

Shoes – You’ve probably dreamt about walking down the aisle for years, but wearing high heels in sand is not going to work if you want that walk to be graceful. 

One option is to wear wedding flip flops. Today you can find personalized wedding flip flops styled with crystals, ribbons, feathers, and more. You can even order wedge heels for your flip flops if you feel you need a little extra height.

A second option is to go barefoot and wear beautiful foot jewelry, such as these Beach Foot Lace Sandals

Makeup – With the sun and heat often associated with the beach, look for sweat proof makeup or carry your makeup with you to touch up after the ceremony. In addition, soft and natural colors tend to look best for a casual beach wedding. 

Wedding Chicks offers more tips about getting your face beach ready.

Planning a casual beach wedding means thinking about the effects the outdoor elements will have on your wedding day style. 

Do you have any additional tips for a beach bride?


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