Friday, February 22, 2013

How to Have an Organized Wedding Using Apps

It seems like there is an app for just about anything imaginable these days, but let that fact be put to good use as you plan your wedding. By having wedding apps on your mobile device, you can spend your lunch hour to plan details or save an idea you have while you are on the fly.

Here are some helpful wedding planning apps.

Budget – Your wedding budget is probably the most important items to track about your big day. Knowing your budget will help your decisions fall into place; you will be aware that if you go for that expensive one of a kind gown, you will have to cut back in other areas. 

Wedding Budget app lets you keep track of expenses in areas ranging from attire, ceremony, flower, d├ęcor and more.

Wedding Task Tracker – If you like making checklists and notes, then iWedding is your app. With sections to keep track of your venue, your wedding party and guests, this app will keep the details in order.

Another fun aspect of this app is a countdown that tells you how many days, hours and seconds until you tie the knot.

Seating Planner – Trying to arrange a large group of people into smaller groups can be intimidating. Will your grandparents get along with your college pals? Let a seating planner app help you decide who sits where and then print your seating chart to place in your wedding planner. 

This app lets you select various table shapes, push tables together, keep track of who has RSVPed, who has food allergies, and more.

DJ App – The My Wedding DJ app allows you to create playlists for your ceremony and reception based on music existing on your mobile device. You can set the app to wait after a particular section (such as the processional) so the next block of music does not play when you don’t want it to. 

A fun option allows your guests to request certain songs on your music player if they have a favorite dance song for the reception. 

One drawback of using a DJ app is someone will need to start the next section of music to keep things rolling.
Planning your wedding details doesn’t have to be painful if you use tools to help you. Take advantage of apps to assist you with getting organized for your big day.

Do you have a favorite wedding planning app?


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