Friday, March 29, 2013

How to Embrace Lace for Your Wedding

Lace has made a wedding comeback in a big way lately. A delicate and romantic element, lace can be added to your wedding in lots of updated ways that don’t look dated. 

Get inspired by the lace ideas below. 

Dress – This Bridal Musings bride wears a beautiful handmade wedding dress accented with elegant lace sleeves. The dress incorporates lace without letting it overpower the stunning simplicity of the gown.

Lace Vase – By now you’ve seen mason jars in weddings used as vases and candleholders, but this lace vase DIY project gives a fresh perspective to the shabby chic look. Michaela Noelle Designs shows how to create these spray painted canning jars. With candlelight peeking through the lace, they look ultra-romantic.

Unity Candle – These sparking unity candles are adorned with Swarovski crystals, faux pearls and pretty lacework. The white lace swirls on the white candle create a sophisticated look ready to decorate your ceremony. 

Lace HoopsEmbroidery hoops holding lace fabric are suspended to make a special backdrop for this wedding. To add visual interest, the hoops are a variety of sizes and hung at different heights. Who knew something so simple could be so stunning?
With these modern takes on the fabric, it is easy to embrace the lace trend. 

How will you incorporate lace into your wedding?


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