Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kentucky Derby Inspired Wedding

Whether you get married on the day of the race or just like horses, a Kentucky Derby themed wedding can be a great mix of traditional Southern charm and modern whimsy.

Don’t feel restricted to having your Derby wedding at a barn or stable; anything from a garden setting to a reception hall can easily translate to the equestrian theme.

Hats – Other than the actual race, the hats are a big hallmark for the event. You can have your bridesmaids and guests wear hats to go along with the theme. 

If you are considering wearing a wedding hat rather than a veil, One Wed has great advice for how to choose the best one for you.

Food and Drink – If you are having a cocktail hour include the famous Derby staple, the mint julep. Be sure the bourbon used to make the juleps is a Kentucky label for authenticity.
Instead of a wedding cake (or perhaps in addition to), a Derby pie is a must. This rich dessert is basically a pecan pie with chocolate chips and bourbon added in. Delicious! 

Chalkboard Horses as Place Cards – Incorporate horses into the d├ęcor with DIY chalkboard horse place cards. Home Modern describes how to make these blackboard beauties. 

In addition to place cards, you could also use chalkboard horses as signs for food and drinks or on your guestbook table.

Burlap Horseshoe Favor Bags - These fun burlap horseshoe favor bags are a great complement to the Kentucky Derby theme. A common symbol of luck, the horseshoe shows you are lucky in love. Fill with candy or other small favors.
With the Derby nickname the “run for the roses,” it makes sense your flowers would be roses, of course! 

A Kentucky Derby themed wedding is a wonderful idea for a springtime wedding. Here’s a bet you’re sure to win – your wedding will be a hit!


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