Monday, March 11, 2013

How to Use Crepe Paper Streamers in Your Wedding

Streamers come in a huge variety of colors and can be purchased inexpensively at most party supply stores, so that make a great element to add to festive events, such as your wedding. But, how can you incorporate crepe paper streamers into your wedding without looking like a kids’ birthday party?

Read on for some modern and classy ideas.

Photo Booth Backdrop – If you love the photo booth trend, but don’t want to rent an actual booth or buy a fancy backdrop, try using streamers. Lovely Indeed shows you how to create a fun DIY backdrop using nothing but streamers and masking tape on a blank wall. 

For a whimsical look, go ahead with the multicolor look; for a more upscale appearance try using gold or silver plus a color from your wedding.

Bride and Groom Chairs – Ruffled Blog shows pastel colored streamers looped around the top of the bride and groom’s chairs. What an easy way to add an extra touch to the wedding party table.

Favor Box Flowers – For a spring or summer wedding, why not adorn the top of your favor boxes with pretty flowers made from rolled crepe paper? Martha Stewart Weddings provides a tutorial on how to create them.

Flower Pomanders – If you enjoy making the favor box flowers, keep going and make a lot more! Add the flowers to a Styrofoam ball for a pomander to hang during your wedding. So romantic!

Crepe paper streamers can be used in your wedding event in a myriad of unconventional ways. Which one is your favorite?


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