Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bridesmaids Gift Idea: How to Create a Wedding Day Survival Kit

Show your bridesmaids you are thinking about them by giving each a wedding day survival kit as a gift.

Start with the Case
The Cosmopolitan Monogrammed Cosmetic Travel Bag is a case your bridesmaid can use for the wedding day survival kit and for her personal travels after the wedding. Make the bag personalized by having each attendant’s initial monogramed on the case.
What to Put in the Case
Most of the following items can be purchased in travel sizes at your local store.  
  • Nail file - for snags
  • Pain reliever - in case she dances too much or has an extra glass of wine
  • Safety Pins – for wardrobe malfunctions among many other uses
  • Bobby Pins – for when the hair spray on the up-do starts to wear off
  • Travel size hand wipes/Hand sanitizer – she’ll want to keep her hands clean so she doesn’t ruin her dress or makeup
  • Purse Sized Pack of Tissues - for tears of joy or runny noses
  • Breath mints/Travel size mouthwash – for between dinner and dancing
  • Pantyliner/Tampon – best to be prepared just in case
  • Stain Wipes/Stain Stick – for reception food or drink mishaps

Add an Extra Touch

If you want to take the wedding day survival kit another step forward, add Personalized Flip Flops your bridesmaids can wear during the reception. Tie the flip flops to the case handle with a pretty ribbon to complete the look. Flip flops can be purchased to match your wedding colors.

While you are assembling these items, don’t forget to pick up these items for your own bride’s survival kit. Are there other things you would add to the survival kit?


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to Add Feathers to Your Wedding Wear

Feathers can be incorporated in to wedding styles ranging from country club chic to bohemian casual. As an added bonus, feathers can be found in almost all colors and sizes, depending on how you wish to use them in your wedding. Here are some ideas as how to use feathers for your wedding.

Boutonniere – Martha Stewart Weddings showcases beautiful groomsmen boutonnieres made withfeathers. To add a sense of uniqueness, they are all a bit different, but the fact they are all feathers ties them together nicely. Feather boutonnieres would be a fabulous touch for an autumn wedding.

Bridal Bouquet – While the boutonnieres are all feathers, this wedding bouquet mixesflowers and feathers to create a stunning accessory for the bride.  The feathers add a sense of movement to the bouquet and frame the roses. This bouquet is very colorful, but the effect would be just as lovely with white plumes and roses. 

Feather Fascinator – If you are looking for alternative to a bridal veil, why not create a DIY feather fascinator?  Enjoy Your Wedding Now shows various styles of feather fascinators and tells you how to make your own. 

If you are wearing a simple gown or flapper style wedding dress, a feather fascinator and the Natasha Rope Necklace will complete your look. 

Feather Shoe Clip – Glamour shares lovely shoe clips that can easily be added to upgrade basic pumps. If you are looking for a creative way to add your “something blue,” peacock feather shoe clips would be a fun accessory.
Adding feathers to your wedding attire is a unique way to accessorize your bridal party.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Creative Ways to Use Mason Jars for Your Wedding

Mason jars are easy to find, inexpensive and versatile – all traits that lend themselves well to be used for your wedding. You can gather jars from garage sales and thrift stores or purchase them new from a grocery store. Read on for creative ideas to incorporate canning jars in to your wedding.

Lighting – All it takes to make romantic lighting is a jar and a votive. You can add sand, coffee beans, rocks, or just about anything in the bottom of your jar to match the jar to your wedding theme. Or try adding water to the jar and using a floating candle. The only things needed to make a hanging jar lantern is some wire wrapped around the mouth of the jar.
VaseJars make fantastic vases, especially for a casual or rustic style wedding. For a colorful look you can use an array of wildflowers; for a more refined look, try hydrangea blooms in white.
Favors – Shown here a lemon sugar hand scrub is contained ina jar as a gift, but ideas for what you can provide as a favor in a jar are endless. Some other ideas include baked-in-a-jar cake, dry cookie mixes or hand poured candles.
Casual Drink WareMason jars make cute, casual drinking glasses. Try serving punches, flavored water, or sangria in large drink servers so guests can get their own refills.
Mason jars can be used in many ways to for your wedding. Would you try any of these ideas?

Friday, September 14, 2012

DIY Autumn Wedding Tables Decorations Using Items from Your Yard

Fall is the perfect season for DIY wedding decorations. When you think autumn, things like leaves, acorns and Indian corn probably come to mind. By using easily found, natural items, you can create lovely autumn decorations for your wedding table.

Pine Cone Votive Holders – Zakka Life shows how to glue pine cone scales on a cardboard base to create a rustic looking votive holder. The layering of the pine cone pieces almost looks like a flower and adds a sense of nature to the candle setting.

Acorn Napkin Holders – With some more glue, acorns and twine, Parties for Pennies created acorn napkin holders.  These napkin holders would like fantastic with either more formal white cloth napkins or large casual fall colored paper napkins.
Bark Wrapped VasesWrapping inexpensive glass vases with birch bark instantly makes the table look like a forest fantasy. If you don’t have trees with birch bark or another flexible bark, you can purchase it online. And only use bark that has fallen to the ground rather than ripping it off the tree.
A pine cone candle favor would be the perfect complement to this tablescape.
Autumn provides the DIY wedding decorator with plenty of supplies – most probably already in your yard or found in a public park. Would you make any of these projects for your wedding?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Autumn Themed Wedding Shower Ideas

Fall can be a wonderful time to host a wedding shower; the air is crisp and the leaves are changing colors. If you are planning an autumn themed shower, here are some ideas to get you started.

Fall Cake Pops – Cake pops don’t need to be round! Mrs. Fox Sweets shows you how to use autumn themed cookie cutters, in shapes like leaves and pumpkins, to create a yummy treat for the party.
Candy Corn CandlesFilling glass jars with candy corn is an inexpensive and playful way to bring the spirit of autumn to your centerpieces.  Just nestle in an orange pillar candle and you are all set!
White Pumpkins – If you want to go with an autumn theme, but want a sophisticated look, consider decorating with white pumpkins. Wedding Design Anarchy inspires with white pumpkins adorned with a sting of plastic pearls and also used as a flower container.
Leaf Copper Bottle Stopper Favor – This leaf copper bottle stopper is a beautiful yet functional favor for shower attendees. And with its elegant look but fall theme, it would fit in perfectly with any of these autumn shower ideas.
Planning a fall themed shower can be easy and fun if you take your inspiration from the classic symbols of the season.

Friday, September 07, 2012

Unique Bridesmaid Dress Trends

Gone are the days when your bridesmaids are required to wear long, matching dresses. Today, bridesmaid dresses can be long or short, matching or mismatched – there are no longer any rules. Here are some unique trends to consider for your attendants.

Maid of Honor in Darker Shade – Wedding Chicks shows bridesmaids wearing turquoise blue dresses with the maid of honor wearing adarker of the color. Notice the attendants are even wearing different dress cuts, but the similar hues create a cohesive look to the bunch.
Same Color, Different Dresses – Bridesmaids are probably dreading finding out what dress you select for them.  Whether it is sleeveless, short or a low back – chances are one of your attendants is not comfortable in the style. Why not choose a particular color dress you want the ladies to wear and then let them select the cut they find most flattering? Many major bridal party clothing lines now offer attendant gowns in various cuts for one color/fabric combination.  Wedding Bee shows bridesmaids in short yellow dresses with different sleeves and necklines. Lovely!
Skirts – Don’t feel like your attendants need to wear dresses. Skirts and blouses can be an option. Depending on the skirts and tops you select, the look can go from fancy to casual. Matching skirts and blouses may be enough of an alternative to a dress, but if you really want have a creative style, try matching skirts with different blouses in the same color.
In addition to using color or cut to create a united look for the group, jewelry can tie their appearance together.  Why not give your bridesmaids an engraved charm necklace?
Convertible - Have you seen convertible dresses? They are a dress that can be worn in multiple ways. Belle Magazine shows this type of dress, which can be twisted or wrapped to create different options. What a fun way to let your attendants show their personal taste.
Selecting dresses for your bridesmaid can be intimidating, especially if you feel like you are requiring them to purchase a dress they don’t like. By allowing your wedding party to select different cuts or styles, your attendants can feel confident while still looking like an official group.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Here Comes the Bride…Signs for the Processional

Walking down the aisle is what you probably think about as the biggest moment of your wedding ceremony. Your fiancé sees you in your dress for the first time, and you feel like a princess as everyone rises to watch your entrance. Processional signs carried by flower girls or ring bearers are a fun trend that adds to the anticipation of your big moment.

Burlap Bunting – A burlap banner strung between two branches adds a sense of whimsy to the processional. This style banner is perfect for barn weddings and casual outdoor weddings.

Wooden Heart – This wooden heart does double duty. It announces the bride’s entrance and “Just Married” for the walk back up the aisle.
Banner Style – A banner, shown here made from burlap and hanging from a branch, is another solution for a rustic wedding. However, it would be easily replicated in a fancier fabric hanging from a painted dowel for a more elegant look.
After giving your flower girl or ring bearer the duty of announcing your entrance, certainly you will want to thank them with a special commemorative gift. For present ideas, check out our selection of items for the young girl and boy members of your wedding party.
If you are looking for an alternative to a flower girl tossing petals or a ring bearer carrying a pillow, a processional banner is a unique idea.