Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to Add Feathers to Your Wedding Wear

Feathers can be incorporated in to wedding styles ranging from country club chic to bohemian casual. As an added bonus, feathers can be found in almost all colors and sizes, depending on how you wish to use them in your wedding. Here are some ideas as how to use feathers for your wedding.

Boutonniere – Martha Stewart Weddings showcases beautiful groomsmen boutonnieres made withfeathers. To add a sense of uniqueness, they are all a bit different, but the fact they are all feathers ties them together nicely. Feather boutonnieres would be a fabulous touch for an autumn wedding.

Bridal Bouquet – While the boutonnieres are all feathers, this wedding bouquet mixesflowers and feathers to create a stunning accessory for the bride.  The feathers add a sense of movement to the bouquet and frame the roses. This bouquet is very colorful, but the effect would be just as lovely with white plumes and roses. 

Feather Fascinator – If you are looking for alternative to a bridal veil, why not create a DIY feather fascinator?  Enjoy Your Wedding Now shows various styles of feather fascinators and tells you how to make your own. 

If you are wearing a simple gown or flapper style wedding dress, a feather fascinator and the Natasha Rope Necklace will complete your look. 

Feather Shoe Clip – Glamour shares lovely shoe clips that can easily be added to upgrade basic pumps. If you are looking for a creative way to add your “something blue,” peacock feather shoe clips would be a fun accessory.
Adding feathers to your wedding attire is a unique way to accessorize your bridal party.

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