Friday, September 07, 2012

Unique Bridesmaid Dress Trends

Gone are the days when your bridesmaids are required to wear long, matching dresses. Today, bridesmaid dresses can be long or short, matching or mismatched – there are no longer any rules. Here are some unique trends to consider for your attendants.

Maid of Honor in Darker Shade – Wedding Chicks shows bridesmaids wearing turquoise blue dresses with the maid of honor wearing adarker of the color. Notice the attendants are even wearing different dress cuts, but the similar hues create a cohesive look to the bunch.
Same Color, Different Dresses – Bridesmaids are probably dreading finding out what dress you select for them.  Whether it is sleeveless, short or a low back – chances are one of your attendants is not comfortable in the style. Why not choose a particular color dress you want the ladies to wear and then let them select the cut they find most flattering? Many major bridal party clothing lines now offer attendant gowns in various cuts for one color/fabric combination.  Wedding Bee shows bridesmaids in short yellow dresses with different sleeves and necklines. Lovely!
Skirts – Don’t feel like your attendants need to wear dresses. Skirts and blouses can be an option. Depending on the skirts and tops you select, the look can go from fancy to casual. Matching skirts and blouses may be enough of an alternative to a dress, but if you really want have a creative style, try matching skirts with different blouses in the same color.
In addition to using color or cut to create a united look for the group, jewelry can tie their appearance together.  Why not give your bridesmaids an engraved charm necklace?
Convertible - Have you seen convertible dresses? They are a dress that can be worn in multiple ways. Belle Magazine shows this type of dress, which can be twisted or wrapped to create different options. What a fun way to let your attendants show their personal taste.
Selecting dresses for your bridesmaid can be intimidating, especially if you feel like you are requiring them to purchase a dress they don’t like. By allowing your wedding party to select different cuts or styles, your attendants can feel confident while still looking like an official group.

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