Friday, September 14, 2012

DIY Autumn Wedding Tables Decorations Using Items from Your Yard

Fall is the perfect season for DIY wedding decorations. When you think autumn, things like leaves, acorns and Indian corn probably come to mind. By using easily found, natural items, you can create lovely autumn decorations for your wedding table.

Pine Cone Votive Holders – Zakka Life shows how to glue pine cone scales on a cardboard base to create a rustic looking votive holder. The layering of the pine cone pieces almost looks like a flower and adds a sense of nature to the candle setting.

Acorn Napkin Holders – With some more glue, acorns and twine, Parties for Pennies created acorn napkin holders.  These napkin holders would like fantastic with either more formal white cloth napkins or large casual fall colored paper napkins.
Bark Wrapped VasesWrapping inexpensive glass vases with birch bark instantly makes the table look like a forest fantasy. If you don’t have trees with birch bark or another flexible bark, you can purchase it online. And only use bark that has fallen to the ground rather than ripping it off the tree.
A pine cone candle favor would be the perfect complement to this tablescape.
Autumn provides the DIY wedding decorator with plenty of supplies – most probably already in your yard or found in a public park. Would you make any of these projects for your wedding?

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