Thursday, September 20, 2012

Creative Ways to Use Mason Jars for Your Wedding

Mason jars are easy to find, inexpensive and versatile – all traits that lend themselves well to be used for your wedding. You can gather jars from garage sales and thrift stores or purchase them new from a grocery store. Read on for creative ideas to incorporate canning jars in to your wedding.

Lighting – All it takes to make romantic lighting is a jar and a votive. You can add sand, coffee beans, rocks, or just about anything in the bottom of your jar to match the jar to your wedding theme. Or try adding water to the jar and using a floating candle. The only things needed to make a hanging jar lantern is some wire wrapped around the mouth of the jar.
VaseJars make fantastic vases, especially for a casual or rustic style wedding. For a colorful look you can use an array of wildflowers; for a more refined look, try hydrangea blooms in white.
Favors – Shown here a lemon sugar hand scrub is contained ina jar as a gift, but ideas for what you can provide as a favor in a jar are endless. Some other ideas include baked-in-a-jar cake, dry cookie mixes or hand poured candles.
Casual Drink WareMason jars make cute, casual drinking glasses. Try serving punches, flavored water, or sangria in large drink servers so guests can get their own refills.
Mason jars can be used in many ways to for your wedding. Would you try any of these ideas?

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