Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bridesmaids Gift Idea: How to Create a Wedding Day Survival Kit

Show your bridesmaids you are thinking about them by giving each a wedding day survival kit as a gift.

Start with the Case
The Cosmopolitan Monogrammed Cosmetic Travel Bag is a case your bridesmaid can use for the wedding day survival kit and for her personal travels after the wedding. Make the bag personalized by having each attendant’s initial monogramed on the case.
What to Put in the Case
Most of the following items can be purchased in travel sizes at your local store.  
  • Nail file - for snags
  • Pain reliever - in case she dances too much or has an extra glass of wine
  • Safety Pins – for wardrobe malfunctions among many other uses
  • Bobby Pins – for when the hair spray on the up-do starts to wear off
  • Travel size hand wipes/Hand sanitizer – she’ll want to keep her hands clean so she doesn’t ruin her dress or makeup
  • Purse Sized Pack of Tissues - for tears of joy or runny noses
  • Breath mints/Travel size mouthwash – for between dinner and dancing
  • Pantyliner/Tampon – best to be prepared just in case
  • Stain Wipes/Stain Stick – for reception food or drink mishaps

Add an Extra Touch

If you want to take the wedding day survival kit another step forward, add Personalized Flip Flops your bridesmaids can wear during the reception. Tie the flip flops to the case handle with a pretty ribbon to complete the look. Flip flops can be purchased to match your wedding colors.

While you are assembling these items, don’t forget to pick up these items for your own bride’s survival kit. Are there other things you would add to the survival kit?


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