Monday, December 03, 2012

Unique Ideas for Presenting Your Wedding Rings

The classic way to have the ring bearer carry your wedding rings to the altar is on a pillow. But if a pillow doesn’t suit your style, there are alternatives.

Here are some different ways to have your rings carried down the aisle.

Ring Bowl – This lovely DIY ring bowl can be used in the wedding and then later to hold your jewelry or change on your dresser. The best part is it is easy to make and can be personalized. 

Shell – For a beach wedding, a shell makes perfect sense. If you have a large shell, you can add some sand into the shell to cushion the rings.  

Birds Nest – A birds nest complements a spring wedding well. For a rustic look, find a grapevine nest at a floral shop and thread a ribbon up through the bottom of the nest to tie the rings. You can add moss to soften the look.

Box – The Knotty Bride shows a DIY personalized wooden ring box. This option may be best for smaller ring bearers, because you don’t have to worry about rings spilling off a slippery surface. And like the ring bowl, the box can be kept for years to come.  

Select a ring presentation that suites your wedding style.

And don’t forget to thank your ring bearer with a gift.


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vencanice blanche said...

I love the most idea with rings in the box. It looks very romantic and elegance.