Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wedding Trend: A Rainbow of Colors

Brides typically choose one or two colors for their wedding scheme. But a recent trend of a rainbow of hues for weddings has emerged. 

Ideas for a multitude of colors can bring to mind a nursery school room; however, when done well, this scheme can look classy rather than childish.

Here are some ideas for how to bring multiple colors in to your wedding.

Multicolor Bunting – Here’s a combination of two current trends – rainbows and bunting. Wedding Chicks shows a wedding decked out with colorful bunting for a whimsical look. 

Colorful Bridesmaids DressesDifferent colored bridesmaid dresses are another hot wedding trend of late, but usually the dresses are in the same color family. If you really want to embrace the rainbow look, have each bridesmaid wear a different color of the spectrum. 

Keep the look unified by having the attendants wear the same style dress. For a fancier wedding, opt for darker hues and use a more formal fabric for the dresses.

Different Color Lanterns – For an outdoor wedding, paper lanterns arranged in ROYGBIV order will allow you to have a rainbow at your wedding, rain or shine.
Flip Flops – For a casual or beach wedding, flip flops in a variety of colors are a fun idea. Available in over 56 colors, you will be sure to find a color to match your bridesmaids’ dresses. Another idea is to have your attendants wear a neutral color, such as deep gray, and add a punch of color to their outfits with flip flops.

If you are interested in the rainbow wedding trend, there are a variety of ways to color. Fancy or fun, a rainbow wedding will make a statement.

Would you have a rainbow wedding?


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