Friday, December 28, 2012

Wedding Day Keepsakes to Display in Your Home

Your wedding may be just one day, but there are ways you can commemorate your wedding by displaying special keepsakes in your home. These items will remind you about your big day each time you see them.

Card Box – This mirrored gift card holder collects envelopes from your guests during the reception. After the wedding, you can use the box to exhibit items such as your preserved bouquet. 

Wedding Invitation Ornament – Something Turquoise shows a special way to use an extra invitation.  Cut and curl strips of the invitation and place inside an ornament. Glitter adds extra sparkle!

Wedding Cork Initial – Save all those corks from your wedding to make a decorated monogram for your wall. Use a hot glue gun to affix the corks to a wooden letter to hang on your wall.

Modern Backdrop – If your wedding has a modern vibe, Ambrosia Creative shows you how to make a stunning modern backdrop using white poster board. Use the backdrop behind your cake table, gift table, or as a photo backdrop.

Then, after the wedding, display the item as art on your wall.
By displaying items from the event can remind you daily about the wonderful time you had.

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