Thursday, January 31, 2013

How to Incorporate Light Elements into Your Wedding

On your wedding day, even though your happiness will light up the room, it is a good idea to add some additional mood lighting. 

Here are some creative ways to illuminate your wedding.

DIY Paper Cube Lights – These DIY paper cube lights are an easy way to spruce up plain light strings. Wit and Whistle shows you step by step how to create paper cubes, which can be used in your outdoor ceremony decoration or indoors to add atmosphere.

Light Columns – These modern looking light columns would look fantastic lining the entry way to your reception. For an outdoor wedding, you could even use these columns as your altar.
These columns look deceptively complicated – Martha Stewart shows you how easily these light columns can be made. What a lovely way to add a large lighted area!

Candle Wedding Favors – If you are using clusters of votive candles on your reception tables, why not send your guests home with a candle wedding favor to remind them of the romantic setting?
Candles instantly add a dreamy feeling to any setting.

Release Sky LanternsSky Lanterns have been a tradition in Asia for centuries, but have just recently become popular for wedding celebrations in the United States. Releasing sky lanterns at the end of your evening reception is a fun activity for the guests. 

Be sure to purchase lanterns made of biodegradable material, to protect the environment. 

Light is an important element to setting the mood for your wedding. By using any or all of these light ideas, you will be sure to create a memorable event.