Friday, January 18, 2013

Non-Flower Bouquet Ideas for Your Wedding

Carrying a bouquet during your walk down the aisle is a lovely tradition, plus it gives you something to do with your nervous hands. But there is no reason why your bridal bouquet must be made from flowers. 

There are fabulous alternatives to live flower bouquets. The best part is many of the options you can make yourself and hold on to for years to come as a wedding keepsake.

Here are some ideas for bouquets that do not contain flowers.

Butterflies and Streamers – This colorful and whimsical butterfly bouquet would be a great addition to a spring or summer garden wedding. The streamers add even more color and create movement.

Holiday OrnamentsHoliday bulbs gathered together create a shiny, festive bouquet. While it would be great for a wintertime wedding, don’t feel like this bouquet has to be limited to the holidays. 

One Hitched Lane has a step by step tutorial for how to assemble this stunner.

Paper flowers – This bouquet has the look of flowers, but the blooms are made from paper. If you’ve ever tried origami, you’ll be able to create one for yourself. 

With scrapbooking being a popular craft, you will be sure to find papers that compliment your wedding.

Feathers – For a soft look, a feather bouquet does the trick. Wouldn’t this bouquet fit in perfectly with a flapper style wedding dress? 

733 shows you step by step how to make your own feather bouquet.

Don’t think non-flower arrangements have to be limited to your bridal or bridesmaids bouquets. You can also create bouquet-like clusters to place in vases on reception tables. 

Try using this Flower Bouquet Reception vase to hold the alternative bouquets at the head table. You can even have these vases personalized as gifts for your attendants.

Bouquets don’t have to be restricted to flowers. Why not give one of these alternatives a try?


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