Monday, January 21, 2013

Unique Wedding Accessories

If you feel like trying something different for your wedding attire, an accessory is an easy way to add something unexpected to your look. 

Read on for some ways ideas for unique wedding accessories.

Wedding Lace Jacket - A lace jacket is a beautiful way to add some extra coverage or sleeves to a sleeveless dress. If you want to have two different looks for the ceremony and reception, a lace jacket is a lovely accessory that will accomplish this goal without needing to purchase a second gown. Brilliant!

Muffler – For a winter wedding, a faux fur muff is a lady like accessory that will instantly add a vintage look to your style. Better yet, by carrying a muffler, you won’t need to spend money on purchasing a bouquet. 

Lariat Necklace – This delicate lariat necklace will add sparkle to in both the front and the back. This stunning crystal accessory looks best with a simple gown having a low neck and back line. 

Headband – For brides who don’t want to wear a veil or a tiara, yet still want a bit of adornment for their hair, a decorated headband is a great option. Headbands can be worn whether your hair is worn up or down, making it a very versatile accessory.
An accessory is a low risk way of adding a unique touch to your wedding day look. 

Which is your favorite accessory?


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