Monday, January 14, 2013

How to Showcase Your Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is a central part of your wedding reception. Often, dancing stops and all eyes turn to the bride and groom as they cut the cake. Plus, your photographer will be capturing this tradition, so you want your cake to be presented in a beautiful way.

Read on for some ways to showcase your wedding cake.

Tulle Table Skirt – Even if your reception location provides a tablecloth for your cake table, you can set the cake table apart by adding a tulle skirt table. Either use a classic white tulle or a color that coordinates with your wedding. This tulle table skirt has a soft, dreamy look.

If you would like to make your own tulle table skirt, eHow has a no sew tulle table skirt tutorial.

Cake Stand – Smaller cakes can benefit from a cake stand. Placing your wedding cake on a stand gives it a sense of prominence and importance on the table. 

Larger cakes may not require a stand, or may be too heavy for one, so be sure to talk with your baker prior to purchasing a cake stand.

Votive candles – To keep the cake table from looking empty, try adding masses of votive candles. The glow from candles is truly romantic! Something as simple as plain white votives in small glass holders look fabulous when grouped together.

Cake Topper – A lovely cake deserves an equally lovely topper. This Monogram Crystal Cake top has just the right amount of sparkle. 

Your wedding cake should look as great as it tastes! Try adding these special touches to the presentation of your cake.



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