Friday, January 25, 2013

Do Ahead Wedding Preparations

Make-up and hair, getting into your gown, photos – you’ll have plenty to keep you busy on your wedding day. By doing as much ahead of time for the reception, you’ll be able to concentrate on spending time getting ready and bonding with your bridesmaids rather than running around setting up.

Here are some ideas for getting as much done before your big day so you can stay relaxed.

Make Ahead Centerpieces – If you have the space to store then and are willing to take care of them, you can make these succulent centerpieces well in advance. Succulents can be purchased in bulk to make your centerpieces, and require little care to keep alive.

Favor – Edible favors may be a fun treat for guests, but most go stale so must be made or purchased close to the wedding date. By purchasing a pre-boxed, non-edible favor, all you will need to do is place the favors on the reception tables. These Slice of Love Pizza Cutter favors are a perfect example.

Escort Rocks – If you are crafty and patient, these personalized rocks made from air dry clay are a lovely way to welcome your guests to their seating location. These rocks would make a fantastic accent for a natural themed wedding. 

Nuts – If you are looking for a snack to place around the reception in locations such as the bar or appetizer table, slow cooker cinnamon almonds are a wonderful make ahead idea. Better yet, the nuts can be made months in advance and frozen.

Your wedding day is one you will want to remember forever. Doing as much preparation as you can in advance will keep you from getting flustered, and allow you to soak in the specialness of the day.




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