Monday, October 07, 2013

Have a White Pumpkin Wedding

Love the idea of pumpkins as a wedding decoration, but not a fan of orange? Luckily, pumpkins now come in a variety of colors. White pumpkins can make your wedding look elegant yet understated. 

Here are four beautiful uses of white pumpkins for your big day.

Aisle – White pumpkins and gourds of different sizes line the aisle of this outdoor wedding. While they are all a similar color, the variety of shapes and textures keep this decoration from being boring.
If you can’t find white gourds, there is always the option to spray paint them.

Ring Bearer – Here’s a creative use for miniature pumpkins – as ring holders! Line a tray or basket with some moss and then add white pumpkins. Place the rings over the pumpkin stems, and tie with a bit of ribbon for added security.

Escort Card Display – All it takes to display your seating cards are miniature white pumpkins and some corsage pins. Just pin the names to the pumpkins for instant stands.
Centerpiece Vase – White pumpkins serve as a vase for these stunning wedding reception centerpieces. The white color can be used with almost any color scheme, so the white pumpkin vases can be used with many types of flowers.

White pumpkins can make an autumn wedding seem seasonal without looking like an orange Halloween party. Try your local farmer’s market or pumpkin patch to find white pumpkins in bulk.

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