Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Elements for a Pineapple Wedding

Pineapples make a wonderful accent to your beach or summer time wedding. 

And did you know the pineapple is a symbol of hospitality? What a meaningful and functional way to greet your special guests.

Here are four ways to use pineapples in your tropical or garden wedding.

Pineapple Aisle Décor – What could be more simple than standing some pineapples along the aisle? Because of their size and foliage, there’s no need to add anything else.

Pineapple Centerpiece – Just like with the aisle runners, pineapples are structural and colorful enough to stand alone as stunning centerpiece decorations. Here they are shown lining the middle of the table, but for a round table you could group pineapples together for a lush look.

Pineapple Cake – Whether or not you have pineapple flavor in your wedding cake, the pineapple decorated dessert looks tasty and beautiful. This cake is a terrific example of how pineapples can be used in an elegant style wedding.

Pisco Spritz – What would a pineapple wedding be without a pineapple treat? Martha Stewart Weddings shares a recipe for a sparkling pineapple juice cocktail. This drink could also be made non-alcoholic by using a sparkling or seltzer water.  

For tropical beach weddings or a summer wedding, pineapples make a bold statement. 

Which of these pineapple wedding ideas would you use?


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