Wednesday, August 21, 2013

You’re the Apple of My Eye – Apple Themed Wedding Ideas

If you are having a late summer or early fall wedding, it is the perfect season for apples! Whether you like red or green, tart or sweet, there are all kinds of apple touches you can add to your big day.

Here are 4 ideas for using apples in your wedding.

Apple Bouquet – This bouquet studded with apples is unique and memorable. You can use a few apples amid flowers, or use other food items, such as this bouquet which also includes an artichoke.

Decoration – When you think of big galvanized tubs full of water and apples, you probably think about bobbing for them. But when the floating apples have a votive candle in them, they make a beautiful decoration.

Use large tubs scattered around the event to add atmosphere or add small tubs on table tops as centerpieces.
Seating Card – Elevate a place card from boring to interesting by affixing it to an apple at each guests’ seat. The apples add height and a bit of color to the cards.

Caramel Apple TreatsCaramel apples are a sure sign of autumn. These apple treats are lightly glazed with caramel, allowing the beautiful color of the apple show through. Also, the twigs add a rustic touch and make for easier eating.
Apples are abundant in the late summer and early fall, making them an affordable and colorful decoration element for your wedding. 

Why not have the wedding party go apple picking the weekend before your wedding as a fun way to get the apples?

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