Friday, August 09, 2013

Chalk It Up to Love – Using Chalkboards to Style Your Wedding

The classic black and white colors plus the look of handwritten words make chalkboards a whimsical yet classy look for your wedding communications. 

Below are 4 ways to add the fun chalkboard style to your wedding

Invitation – Set the tone for your wedding with these lovely chalkboard invitations. The script font looks elegant but the blackboard background keeps the invitation from looking stuffy. 

Chalkboard Platform – This chalkboard platform is a creative place for your ceremony. You could write your personal vows on the platform, or even favorite romantic quotes or passages from favorite books.

In addition, the platform adds some height, which is helpful for outdoor ceremonies; it helps the people in the back see the couple better.
Guest Book Instructions – If you are having guests sign something other than a guest book, it is helpful to have a sign letting them know what to do. 

Signing unconventional items such as benches, quilts, and even Jenga game pieces may not be obvious to guests at first, so help them out by adding instructions on a chalkboard sign.

Table Numbers – These simple chalkboard table numbers add a relaxed vibe to what might otherwise be a formal table setting. 

Chalkboard wedding accents are a marvelous way to style your event. Chalkboards can be incorporated into many aspects of your big day and even let you further set the tone by writing in fancy script or just your daily handwriting.


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