Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Orange You Glad You’re Getting Married

Lately, wedding color schemes have branched out from the typical pink colors. Don’t you love seeing everything from soft pastels like mint green to bold colors like red or even black? But one color seems to get left out a lot – orange. 

Brides are shy away from orange fearing their wedding will look like a Halloween party. But, when paired with colors other than black, orange can look terrific. Better yet, it doesn’t have to be relegated to autumn. 

Check out the color schemes to see how orange can be used any time of the year.

Orange and Brown – Burnt orange and a rich brown make for a classic autumn event. This wedding shown on Brunch at Saks is an elegant use of orange.

Orange and Navy – The combination of orange and navy would look great any time of year. Navy acts as a neutral with the orange creating a brilliant accent. Weddings Illustrated shares some inspiration for this fresh scheme.

Orange with Brights (Yellow, Pink, Purple) – Want to have a fun, colorful summer wedding? Orange pairs nicely with many bright colors such as yellow, purple and fuchsia.  Browse through Calligraphy by Jennifer’s inspiration board for ideas. 

Orange with Green – Orange pairs beautifully with the soft greens of early spring.  As with the navy palate, the green acts as a neutral color that allows this peachy-orange to shine.
Don’t avoid orange because you thing it is only a Halloween color. When you pick the right shade and pair it with an accent color, orange can be a beautiful wedding scheme.


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