Thursday, May 09, 2013

How to Use Sunflowers in Your Wedding

Sunflowers are cheery and colorful, making them a perfect flower to use in your wedding. Sunflowers make terrific wedding flowers due to the fact they are readily available in most areas, and come in a multitude of sizes and shades.

Read on for four ways to add these blooms to your big day.

Stunning Bouquet – Due to their large flower heads and bright color, a bunch of sunflowers by themselves can create a stunning bouquet. Bunching them together creates a large impact. 

In addition, the traditional yellow color of sunflowers can go with color schemes ranging from bright summer purples and blues to more autumnal oranges and browns.

Decorating escort card table – Placing sunflower flower blooms between rows of escort cards is an effective way to decorate the table. It is added extra touches like these flowers on the table that take a wedding from average to extraordinary. 

Table Centerpieces – The tall nature and thick stalks on sunflowers lend themselves to simple arrangements in big cylinder vases. Though not fussy, these arrangements will still add tons of visual impact to the reception tables.

Favor Boxes - Add a fake sunflower to the top of your favor boxes for some extra pizazz. You could even fill the favor boxes with sunflower seeds for the guests to plant in their yard. 

Sunflowers can make a great wedding flower, and best of all they look best when used in simple arrangements.



Lexi said...

Sunflowers are unusual choice for weddings but I actually love them especially for summer weddings :) I'm actually organizing a wedding event for a friend and she wanted sunflowers. At first I was hesitant but the proposed look of the event looks good!

Lauren Quirk said...

Hi there. I am not a huge fan of sunflowers, but my fiance is from Kansas and he wants to use them in our Michigan wedding to bring in a little of "home." I could get over this, except for our colors are mint + burlap, with splashes of blush pink here and there. Can you help me?